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Cosplay mishaps happen even if you don’t want them to or when you least expect them to. Although I know for a fact that they are avoidable, sometimes accidents happen too. So, in the end, what will you do when disaster strikes? If there is nothing else you can do to save yourself from the humiliation then just go with it. In the end, they won’t know you anyway. So, here are some funny cosplay moments that has happened to different events that I have attended in the Philippines so far. Although some of them could be considered annoying by some cosplayers, I still think that they could be funny especially if you have a good sense of humor like me.

BEING CALLED A DIFFERENT CHARACTER NAME – Sure, this could be annoying and I have heard this time and time again to many different cosplayers. But what can you do if your character isn’t that distinct at all? For some otakus, your character might look like someone else. In the Philippines, this is common too especially for non-otakus who attend different events for their loved ones. Forgive them as it is not their fault that they are not otakus anyway.

HAVING A CRUSH ON A CERTAIN COSPLAYER COSPLAYING SOMEONE OF THE OPPOSITE GENDER AND THEN FINDING OUT THAT THE COSPLAYER WAS ACTUALLY THE SAME GENDER AS YOURS – This is has happened time and time again. This is why the word ‘TRAP’ was invented. Obviously, not everyone is a far of cosplay crossdressing or crossplaying because these kinds of things tick them off. Here in the Philippines, I remember when the famous cosplayer, Reika, visited the country and many fangirls, I repeat, fangirls were swooning all over her Rivaille from Attack On Titan cosplay. I might not be into cosplay crossdressing or crossplaying but she really did a good job portraying the character so why not give her credit for that? Sad though that she isn’t a he. That fact broke a lot of fangirls’ hearts worldwide.

MAKING A MISTAKE WHILE ON THE COSPLAY CATWALK – Whether it may be you doing something embarrassing like tripping on the stage, your props falling apart in front of everyone or your costume gets ripped in everyone’s eyes, it does not matter how embarrassing they may be. In the end, everyone will just end up laughing and you should too. Do not let others ridicule you. Cosplaying is a learning process too.

GOING UP TO A COSPLAYER THAT YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW AND THEN END UP GETTING IT WRONG – Sure, people make mistakes and sometimes some people think that they know someone and in the end, find out that they are wrong. This has happened countless times to everyone however, it is more embarrassing in a cosplay convention especially if it happened to you in front of a lot of people. Then again, always remember to laugh with it. Smiling and apologizing while admitting you were wrong won’t make you look like a fool. In fact, it would make you look charming. You might not have a good memory but at least you made a good first impression on a cosplayer.

YOU FEEL LIKE YOU KNOW A COSPLAYER SO WELL BECAUSE YOU FOLLOW HIM/HER OR YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH THAT COSPLAYER ON SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES AND WHEN YOU APPROACH THEM ON CONVENTIONS, THEY IGNORE YOU OR DON’T KNOW YOU AT ALL – It happens to the best and worst of us. Knowing a celebrity is a big deal. Here in the Philippines, it is as well. This is why many otakus and non-otakus alike follow and make friends with cosplayers so that when they see them in conventions they will be able to talk to them with ease after walking up to them and ask them for pictures. What they don’t realize is that not all cosplayers will remember everyone who adds them up not unless they are really related to the person by some way. Although it is mean to say that this is funny, it is in a way. What a cruel joke right?

Always having a good sense of humor will help you cope with embarrassing moments. After all, cosplay or not, we all make mistakes. If we end up embarrassing ourselves in front of everyone, so what? As long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes and others’ as well then no harm no foul.

Anime Expo 2008 Los Angeles


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Cosplay is a fun hobby and no matter what people say that it isn’t for everyone, that does not mean that it is less fun to begin with. Cosplay is something that many people believe to be both cool and strange at the same time. Although otakus would have a more positive outlook regarding cosplaying, not all non-otakus have the same point of view. Luckily, cosplay has become more well-known these days. In the Philippines, no longer are there only otakus who line up to buy tickets for different cosplay conventions. Nowadays, even non-otakus do so too. If not for the experience, most people do it for the people that they are with. Whether they are with their family, friends or lovers, they still continue to do it. The cosplay scene has definitely evolved in the Philippines. Because of this fact, many people wonder about what cosplay has done to the lives of many different cosplayers. Do cosplayers benefit from all the cosplaying experiences or was it all for nothing? There are many answers to that. Since I used to be a cosplayer in the Philippines too, I know what it has done for me. Therefore, here I am sharing them to you.

Despite the fact that back in the day, cosplaying wasn’t as big as it is now in the Philippines, there were still many people who cosplayed. Although I admit that so much has changed since then, I think what cosplay has done to cosplayers have not changed. In fact, I believe more just got added to it. The first thing that cosplay did to me was to give me self confidence. I am not just talking about self confidence in front of a handful of people, I am talking about being confident in front of a lot of people. Cosplay taught me that. Besides, I am not me on that day anyway. I am supposed to be somebody or something that I am not which makes me leave behind my reservations since I am no longer bound by what other people will say about who I really am. I know that other people would still end up commenting about how I looked, how my props, costumes, and make up will look like as well as comment on how I played my character – whether I played the role well or not, I have to remain confident. After all, it is not everyday that you get the chance to be someone that you are not and be able to get away with it. Another thing that cosplaying has done for me is that it has allowed me to become more imaginative and to embrace my creative side more. Although I am already an artist, being a cosplayer is still not the same. Cosplaying has helped me channel the things that I want to do. Through the costumes and props that I make, I realize how much creativity I have and I know for a fact that if I continue cosplaying or helping others who will be cosplaying, I will be able to hone my talents more.

Cosplaying has also helped me find some really good friends. I met most of them through cosplay forums in the Philippines, cosplay events and through common friends. Our world got smaller. I am not sad at all that it did. Cosplaying is a good way to find people who share common interests as you. It can help you know more about being an otaku. In fact, through these friends, you will be able to have collaborations such as group photoshoots or group cosplays. No regrets in that. Although to some cosplayers, cosplaying is all about becoming instantly famous, to me and my friends, we don’t really care. Although having your pictures taken is just a part of what you should expect from being a cosplayer, sometimes being praised is as well. Although it is not good to hear bad comments from other people, always remember to keep an open mind and be more considerate to others. If they were not able to be more considerate to you then still show them that you do not care. After all, cosplaying is all about your fun anyway and not theirs. Cosplaying has taught me many things but it is hard to remember all of them now. It has been years since I last cosplayed here in the Philippines however, I don’t know if I will be able to go back to it. I just don’t feel confident enough in doing so. Perhaps I will just continue attending conventions and continue appreciating cosplayers. After all, I have already been there.

Anime Supercon April 2007-35


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When it comes to cosplay, it is bad to be prejudice about costumes and props that are homemade. After all, isn’t cosplay all about creativity anyway? But handmade costumes and props should not be belittled as it is never easy to make them. Even master craftsmen and tailors often encounter a mishap here and there. This is why it would be best if more people would appreciate it when cosplayers create their own and not depend on something that they can just buy commercially. In the Philippines, cosplaying has become more and more common through the years. Although initially, a lot cosplayers in the Philippines have tried to make handmade costumes and props, the evolution of cosplay was inevitable. These days, although there are still cosplayers who make handmade costumes and props, there are also some who just buy commissioned or commercialized goods while others choose to do both. Truly, the cosplayers in the Philippines vary a lot these days.

One of the biggest advantages of handmaking your own costumes and props is picking up a lot of practical skills as you continue making them. Surely, you won’t create something without even knowing the basics. This is why learning basic sewing and dress construction are both important. In fact, even some wood or metal working skills needs to be learned as well. Such skills are needed especially if you intend to make more intricate costumes that require more time, effort and of course, creativity. These costumes are mostly in the mecha genre or even in fantasy. You are your greatest critic and for sure, your work won’t be perfect at first. However, do not be disheartened. All of the skills that you need needs to be honed. They also need to be practiced often. At the end of the day, learn to take pride in what you have done and be more confident and comfortable with your abilities. Surely, you will be able to enjoy more and more as you see your progress in a different light. Apart from that, another good thing about making your own costumes and props would have to be the fact that you are in complete control of the whole creative process. Meaning, you have access to which fabric you need, which accessories you should use and how detailed or how simple the designs are going to look like. Since this is your project then you will be able to control not just the creativity of it but also the budget that you are going to use for everything that you need to make it happen. That way you will be able to keep track if you are already overspending or not. Always remember not to pressure yourself too much especially since you are not a professional. In fact, even professionals don’t get to finish what they have started too. This is why never rush yourself into creating something. After all, Rome was not built in a day you know.

But there will always be a good side and a bad side to everything. Even if you already have complete control of everything that does not mean that you will be able to completely foresee everything that comes your way. One major problem when it comes to handmade costumes and props is that you are only one who is making it. This is why you can only devote so much time for it. However, if you do have someone to help you deal with this then this won’t be a hurdle at all. Another problem is the fact that you are not a professional yet which is why you might end up wasting more materials than you initially thought you wouldn’t. Remember that you are still attempting and experimenting here and there which is way a lot of waste is inevitable. These kinds of hurdles are normal however, they can be frustrating and annoying especially for people who are perfectionists. These hurdles will definitely cause stress however, no matter how hard things get, you must not quit. Remember that all of the efforts that you will be putting on your costumes and props will be worth it. Do not let the challenges that you will face dishearten you and stop you from cosplaying. Is making handmade costumes and props for everyone? Perhaps not. Although some people have the patience to learn and to create a lot of creative things, there are some who are different. This is why these people opt for buying commercialized and commissioned costumes and props instead. Nobody can blame them. After all, if they have the money and resources to avail such things then why not? I may not be 100 percent into commissioned and commercialized works however, what can we do? Some are just not into working on their costumes and props. Who are we to judge?

Anime Revolution 2013 Vancouver BC


Fan art done by Nefarious Claws (Please don't use without his permission.)
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I have been watching a lot of anime for a long time now and to be honest, these days, it is hard to say that all of them are still good enough. In fact, only some of them spike my interest these days. I have been otaku for a long time but I can’t say that I am not choosy when it comes to anime because in reality, I am. What makes an anime good enough? Is it based on the high ratings and the good reviews that it gets from different people or can it be based on something else? Of course, such things matter too but then again, knowing if an anime is good or not, depends on the people who will watch them. Regardless, if they are otakus or not. It is only fair to say that if an anime will keep you interested or will make you enjoy every episode that the said anime is good enough. But since not everyone is the same, it is hard to say that all otakus and non-otakus alike enjoy the same things. This is why there are different reasons as how one will know if a certain anime is good or not. IS BASING ON REVIEWS AND HEARSAY GOOD WHEN IT COMES TO JUDGING WHETHER AN ANIME IS GOOD ENOUGH? Perhaps no. Although this cannot be 100 percent reliable, many people depend on this to know if a certain anime is good enough or not. However, since all people are entitled to their own opinions then it is only to say that what is good for others might not be good for everyone. Listening to reviews and hearsay too much can make one lose his/her own opinions and judgment. This is why it would be best to not base too much on reviews and hearsay alone.

INTERESTING AND RELATABLE CHARACTERS – In every story, characters matter a lot. If a story does not have good characters in them then what is the use of knowing more about the story then? If an anime has characters that are not just relatable but also interesting then there is no reason as to why otakus and non-otakus alike will not like to know what will happen to them next. There will always be fan favorites and once people start having them, it is hard to not include them in the evolution of the story. Characters are the drivers of many stories and in anime, they matter a lot. After all, humans are very visual creatures and once they see something that they like, they continue to stick around to know what will happen next.

GOOD ARTWORK – The artwork of an anime does not have to be too intricate. In fact, some animes end up with simple artworks and yet, they still have a lot of fans. Like food, what is more appealing to the eyes helps it become more interesting. Meaning the better the artwork is, the more people would be interested to watch it.

DETAILED / SLIGHTLY DETAILED STORIES – Although not all animes actually come up with detailed stories, that does not mean that they are anything less. Many animes that start out with not so detailed stories end up adding more details as the story progresses. Some want to have more mystery in their stories which they know will result into better cliffhangers. Although flashbacks are essential for those kinds of animes, it would be better if they were minimal and should only be added if they were absolutely essential. What turns off many otakus and non-otakus alike is the fact that there are many animes these days that focus too much in them.

PROPER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT – Once interesting characters in anime have already been established, it is only fair to wait for proper character development. What many otakus hate when it comes to anime is when they start liking the characters only to end up seeing how poorly their character developments were done. What is sadder is the part when your favorite characters get killed off the anime? But then again, most deaths are essential in animes after all. Better die a meaningful death than a meaningless one. At least that gives more impact on the lead character and on the fans.

MEMORABLE SOUNDTRACK – Lastly, if an anime has a really good soundtrack, it will only attract more fans. In my opinion, there are many animes out there with good soundtracks. Some of my favorites include the OST of Rurouni Kenshin (all seasons), Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, Naruto and so much more. If an anime soundtrack can leave such a lasting impression on an otaku or even a non-otaku alike then it only means that the anime is promising enough. Hopefully though the soundtrack will be a preview of what else is to come from the series.

Although many people say that lately, animes have not been good enough, it is hard to say that they will not improve. Surely, in time, something new and better will come along. For now, although Attack On Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin was the top most interesting anime of the year, it is hard to say that there won’t be a better one that will capture many otakus’ hearts everywhere by next year. This is why at the end of the day, it is always best to keep an open mind.

Fan art done by Nefarious Claws (Please don't use without his permission.)

Fan art done by Nefarious Claws (Please don’t use without his permission.)


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In the past, we have featured articles which talked about otakus and even non-otakus who were into Gundams, Zakus and the different things that you can buy that are related to the said franchise. There were edible Gundams and Zakus and now, looks like there is something more that Bandai has in store for all Gundam and Zaku loving people out there. Presenting the 3D Mobile Suit Gundam iPhone jackets. Last November 18, Bandai announced that they will be available for pre-order now. Each one costs around 2,625 yen which is roughly around $25.63. Since the jackets are available for pre-order now, they can be found in Bandai’s official shopping website, Premium Bandai. The jackets are made of Silicone and they feature the Zion and Gundam emblems. They come in four half 3D Zaku and Gundam designs. Including Char’s Zaku, Zaku Production Model, Gundam Shield and the Emblem of Zion. The jackets are said to be compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It is said that pre-orders will end once the allotted amount of time has been reached. The jackets will be released by February 2014. If you are a Gundam or Zaku fan and you have an iPhone then better get ready for battle with this brand new line of protective cases. These Gundam-themed silicone iPhone cases are definitely an excellent way to not just protect your phone but also look incredibly awesome. After all, not everyone will be able to have it so why not flaunt it? They aren’t called 3D for nothing as the silicone case sticks out far and it is even intricately sculpted. Definitely not something that you can buy just anywhere. It is just sad that you won’t be able to receive this gift on Christmas Day as they will only be released next year but either way, it is not a bad late Christmas present. If you are a Gundam and Zaku fan then what have you got to lose? After all, it won’t be every day that Bandai will offer something like this. Why not take the chance and grab it while the offer stands? If you don’t then you might just die of jealousy. Unlike the previous Gundam-themed smartphone cases, this set is more like a limited edition as they are embossed due to the whole 3D effect. The previous ones that are being sold in the market are those that are flat with various Gundam and Zaku designs and are also light weight and thin. This year’s pre-orders won’t be anything like that. To all those who are wondering which is better then that is hard to know as of the moment. Comparing the brand new 3D casing to its predecessor might not be possible not as the products will only be released next year. However, it is safe to assume that the 3D version look more appealing than before and knowing that they are silicone then surely, they can take a hit. Hopefully, once the whole hype about them is done, more people will be able to say which one is better and which one isn’t. Although I am not a Gundam and Zaku fan, I do know a lot of people who are. This is why after sharing them, I am sure there will be a lot of people who will visiting the official Bandai page, hoping that they would be able to avail one. Will it be worth it? I don’t know. You just have to buy one and tell me yourself. After all, I never said the product was perfect. All I ever said was that it could be a good thing to have especially for Gundam and Zaku fans out there.



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As a kid, I grew up watching Japanese shows dubbed in my own language. Some of those Japanese shows showed masked and costumed characters fighting off evil monster like villains. Back then, I never knew the genre that they belonged in. All I know is that I loved the shows and idolized the characters because I thought they were pretty cool. But now that I am older, I realized that this genre is actually a very popular one in Japan and this genre is called Sentai. Believe it or not, Sentai is very popular in the Philippines and although it is already 2013, there are still many sentais being created in Japan and because of this, more and more people are becoming fans of it. But if you don’t know much about the genre, here’s a brief overview of it.

What is Sentai? The word itself means military unit – a squadron, a task force, a group or a wing. Technically, the word just means a military formation of some sort. In the past, it was used in the World War II as a word to describe their military units in Japan. Now, the word is most commonly used for a franchise of Japanese live action television dramas which sentai to described as a group of superheroes wearing costumes to defend the human race. The group often rides a mecha (a robot) and pilots it in order to fight off bigger and badder villains. It is hard to find characters from any Sentai series or movie who do not follow the same formula. Same goes for their story lines.

What are my favorite Sentai dramas? It is honestly very difficult to decide. The much sensationalized Power Rangers will probably be the most famous one that made this genre a huge hit internationally but did you know that the series actually had an original Japanese version and then was later revised to add the American cast and somehow revised the storyline while still keeping the original Japanese fight scenes in order to reach out to a broader and younger audience? The original Japanese version was called Kyoryu Sentai Zyu Ranger (Dinosaur Squadron Beast Rangers). The other sentais that I watched were: Bioman, Maskman and Abareranger/Dino Rangers. Mainly their similarities would have to be the number of their members, their different designed costumes of the same material, their cool futuristic gadgets, their robots that transforms, their simple identities when not in superhero forms and lastly, their villains who are all grotesque looking. Despite the repetitive concept of the genre, they still gain a lot of fans due to the creativity of the writers and the costume designers and makers. As a Sentai fan, I have always wanted to be the pink ranger from the Power Rangers series. Don’t ask me why. I just thought she was so cool when I was young.

Where does that leave Shaider and Kamen Rider (Masked Rider Black)?

It is odd to think that they are not a part of the Sentai genre because just like their masked counterparts, they too wear costumes, have cool gadgets and transform into superheroes from being regular people. However, I have read that since Sentai means group then they cannot be considered as part of the said genre. They can only be part of the live action genre that they both share.

Still confused as to how different they are and as to why they aren’t the same?

Do not worry for I intend to write more about the live action genre or Japanese tokusatsu next time. For now, let’s focus on what sentai is all about. Not yet a sentai fan? Why not be one? The concept of sentai live action has started in the year of 1975 and the tradition continues up to this very day. I know there are so many American versions available too these days but if I were you, I’d choose the original Japanese ones for maximum viewing pleasure.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 - Power Rangers pose with kids (Nickelodeon booth)

photo by: Doug Kline


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A day ago, I read something about some female cosplayers in the Philippines bashing one another. Being in the otaku and cosplay community for so long, I knew these things were common especially among people who both wanted fame. Both of them wanted more fans and somehow bashing each other online just seems like an unlikely thing to do if you would like to have more fans. Then again, it could still work. Anyway, I wondered what they were fighting over and realized that they were both bashing one another due to how much fan service they made and how far they went. To all of you who do not know, fan service happens in the cosplay community a lot. Although this doesn’t seem like it is common in many different countries, believe it or not, it is. Why? There are many reasons why. One would have to be fame. Especially those cosplayers who really want to be instant celebrities in the cosplay community. Second, they do it because they feel like it or they want it. Odd because if you are a female cosplayer and you welcome fan service, surely, how people look at you will change. Some might even be turned off especially because they would think of you as being not so pure and innocent anymore.

Fan service happens even if it isn’t in the cosplay community. Another reason why it is done is because fans like it. Fans dictate a person’s career especially if your career is in showbiz but then again cosplaying isn’t showbiz. Yet some cosplayers take it too seriously. In the Philippines, I have seen countless of cosplayers stooping that low just to get more fame and fans. Although I will never understand them, I know that what they are doing could indeed help their careers. Unfortunately, I also know that there is a price to pay for fan service. What cosplayers do not realize is that when they show off some skin, moderate or even too much skin, there are people out there who would surely take advantage of you. Although you mean well when it comes to fan service there will always be some people who will misunderstand. These people could end up attending conventions to stalk you or worse harass you. People do not know the difference between just for show to reality. If you do fan service and fans come near you for some photographs and autographs, there could be a slight chance that these people will not understand you not being the character that you cosplayed the last time. To them, you will always the character that you cosplayed in the pictures.

Fan service could go wrong if you continue doing it because here in the Philippines, the cosplay community can be a little bit judgmental and biased when it comes to these things. Even if you are a cosplayer who just want to mind his/her business, if you continue doing fan service then things could get ugly. Being called names due to fan service is one thing, your personality being thought of as indecent or lewd is another. This why doing fan service by showing off excessive skin is a big NO-NO especially if you don’t want these things to happen to you. However, if you don’t mind and you are well-informed and prepared for the consequences then there is nothing wrong with it. I am not saying that fan service is bad. All I am saying is that fan service is good just as long as you don’t overdo it or do everything just to make your fans happy. Remember to decide for yourself too as always remember that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to please others.

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay


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n the Philippines, I have noticed that there are a lot of young cosplayers. Some of them are even children. However, in the case of the child cosplayers, their parents support them however, those in their high school and college days make cosplaying a lot different and difficult from them. Although there are many adults who enjoy cosplay and the like in the Philippines these days, I cannot guarantee that all of are very understanding when it comes to these things. So, let’s continue now with more tips on how to convince your parents or any legal guardian to actually let you cosplay.

LEARN NEW SKILLS THAT YOUR PARENTS AND OTHER PEOPLE WOULD ADMIRE. – Not everyone is talented however, skills can be taught and they can be learned. Cosplaying requires a lot of craftsmanship, time and effort. But how will you be able such things when you don’t even know how. This is why learning new skills that would help impress your parents and other people would help. Learning how to sew costumes would cost less than have them commissioned. The same goes for making props. You can apply these skills with everyday life and if you will show your parents such things, surely, they would let you cosplay some more.

SHOW YOUR PARENTS THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FINANCIALLY. – Cosplay requires money because a cosplayer needs to buy or pay for different commissioned work. But that doesn’t mean that you would just keep on buying. Senseless shopping is just annoying. If your parents will see that you are that responsible when it comes to money then maybe, just maybe, they would be swayed by it. In fact, some cosplayers even make things and then sell them. This way, the money that they receive just goes more things that the cosplayers can use and can sell. After all, if you will be capable of handling a small business then your parents and other adults would probably not judge you anymore.

EDUCATE YOUR PARENTS ABOUT COSPLAY AND GET THEM INVOLVED. – As I have mentioned earlier, most parents don’t know a lot about cosplaying. This is why they would often not let their children do it. To most adults, cosplaying is nothing but a waste of time, money and other resources. However, if you will immerse them in the cosplay environment then they would probably realize that it isn’t so bad after all. These days, more and more adults can be seen attending conventions. Perhaps it is because of the fact that cosplaying has indeed become a lot more interesting these days.

Cosplaying is for everyone however, if your parents or your legal guardians don’t want you to do it then it is hard to go against that. It would be best to just understand them and if you want things to change then try your best to change them. After all, there is nothing wrong with accepting changes and keeping an open mind. Cosplaying is not just for the young but even those for the young at heart. It might not be a perfect hobby or a hobby that guarantees cosplayers to have added skills. All it can guarantee is the fact that it can help you discover new people and new things. After all, it isn’t everyday that you will be able to meet people who have the same likes as you. Now, all you need to do now is follow these tips and better start convincing now. There is no harm in trying. Hope everything works.

Cosplay Show at SM Lanang, Davao City - 2013



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They say that cosplaying is a hobby for the young however, that doesn’t mean that all cosplayers are in fact that young. Some are even married, already have children and are professionals. However, the majority of cosplayers in different cosplay communities in various countries even in the Philippines are those in their high school and college years. These are the years where rebellion arises and this is also the time when parents and other adults that act as legal guardians find themselves having a hard time controlling teenagers’ raging hormones. This is why most of the time, parents and other adults, find it easier to just ban these young people from what they believe would not benefit them in the slightest without thinking that maybe there is good in cosplaying after all. Here in the Philippines, most often than not, parents and other adults support their children however, since the Philippines is still an Asian country, we are bound by different cultural restrictions which is why some parents do not support their children in any way as long as it is related to cosplay. Who could blame them? They don’t even probably understand the whole thing. This is why young cosplayers should understand where their parents and legal guardians are coming from. But then again, the whole grounding thing is inevitable especially if you have strict parents. Surely, you would complain about it, curse, throw a tantrum, threaten to run away from home or even rant to people you know and even online but then again, there are other ways, better ways on how you can convince your parents to agree to what you want and let your cosplay. What are these ways?

DO NOT WEAR REVEALING COSTUMES OR ANYTHING THAT COULD COMPROMISE YOU. – Adults only want the best for you and it is hard not to misunderstand however, you must. This is why if you end up cosplaying, it would be best to not wear anything too revealing or anything that could brand you as something that you are not. After all, cosplayers can’t please everyone. Everyone makes his/her own opinions. If your parents will be influenced by other people’s opinions because of what you wore when you cosplayed then you might just kiss the hobby goodbye.

STUDY HARD AND GET HIGHER GRADES. – If you will do this then your parents will believe your promise to not let cosplaying affect your studies. After all, studies are more important than hobbies. This is why this shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is in fact a no brainer. Hopefully, more and more young cosplayers would do this regardless of which country they are from.

ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR SCHEDULE. – All schedules are meant to be followed no matter what. It does not matter if you will be attending the convention as a cosplayer, a guest or even a Marshall for a convention. If you told your parents that you would be home by 8 or 9 pm then so be it. Make sure that you prove to them that you are true to your word. Sometimes being late can be inevitable too. This is why cosplayers should inform their parents or anyone older about their predicaments. This way they will not get angry if things go out of schedule. Just a simple call and text makes a lot of difference.

More Mirai Cosplay

photo by: Danny Choo


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Pet peeves, we all have them. However, there are some people who have cosplay pet peeves. Some people might question them. Some people might ask why we have them but then again, they will be here to stay. As long as there will be cosplayers who constantly do these things then we will continue to have the following cosplay pet peeves. This is the last of the growing list so far.

COSPLAYERS AND OTAKUS GATHERING IN LARGE GROUPS IN DIFFERENT ENTRY, EXIT AND ACCESS POINTS. – In every convention, there are designated entry, exit and access points. Most even organizers, if not all, inform and guide otakus and cosplayers of these things. They also tell them that they cannot block the way which is why it baffles me as to why cosplayers and otakus still do the opposite. Discipline and learning how to follow instructions as well as using common sense helps with this kind of problem. If only, more people became more responsible and considerate of other people then this wouldn’t be on this list.

TAKING PICTURES OF COSPLAYERS IN AWKWARD SITUATIONS AND PLACES. – There are areas wherein cosplayers can pose conveniently in order for people to be able to get better pictures. However, if cosplayers will be stopped in the middle of a hall or a mall and asked to have their photographs taken with them or taken of them, it is hard to say that the pictures will turn out great according to your expectation. Besides, asking a cosplayer for photographs in places where people cross can actually obstruct the way, making it an inconvenient situation for others. If only more and more people would listen to the security in different conventions and just take photographs of cosplayers elsewhere. In this kinds of situation, again discipline is needed. Unfortunately, it is something that many people in the Philippines lack.

LEAVING BAGS, PROPS, LITTER AND ANYTHING COSPLAY AND NON-COSPLAY RELATED IN PUBLIC PLACES. – If you are a cosplayer and the competition is done, that does not mean that you have the right to just leave behind your costumes or props lying around anywhere. If that gets destroyed or stolen then the event organizers won’t be liable for it. This is bad if they are needed by the cosplayer because the catwalk hasn’t even begun yet. This is why it would be best to always keep things that are important to you, near you. In case of trash, learn to clean as you go. Throw them to their proper places. Do not just leave them from where you ate them. Meanwhile, bags are very important because they contain gadgets, money and so on. Cosplayers should always know where their bags are. If they have friends and family who are not cosplaying, it would be best to leave them there. Leaving them lying around and them blaming others for the things that were lost is just unreasonable.

TOTAL DISREGARD FOR BASIC SOCIAL GRACES AND ETIQUETTE. – I always say that I am getting older because I am starting to get annoyed with young people, their attitude, social graces and etiquette especially while in public places. Some cosplayers – especially the green and young ones are no different. Seeing some of them being so noisy in public places, acting as if they own the place is just rude and rowdy behavior. Sometimes they forget that manners matter too. Regardless if the characters that they are portraying are rude or not, they should still abide by the basic social graces and etiquette. It is just depressing to see that only a few follow such things. If only more and more cosplayers would do the same then maybe more and more people won’t think that cosplayers are rude and rowdy people.

Although this list can grow again anytime soon, at least, three of them have been released so far. Whether or not all people share the same cosplay pet peeves, does not matter. After all, we all have our own different opinions about different things. For me, these are my cosplay pet peeves. What are yours?


photo by: M I L I N T O C