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In the past, we have featured articles which talked about otakus and even non-otakus who were into Gundams, Zakus and the different things that you can buy that are related to the said franchise. There were edible Gundams and Zakus and now, looks like there is something more that Bandai has in store for all Gundam and Zaku loving people out there. Presenting the 3D Mobile Suit Gundam iPhone jackets. Last November 18, Bandai announced that they will be available for pre-order now. Each one costs around 2,625 yen which is roughly around $25.63. Since the jackets are available for pre-order now, they can be found in Bandai’s official shopping website, Premium Bandai. The jackets are made of Silicone and they feature the Zion and Gundam emblems. They come in four half 3D Zaku and Gundam designs. Including Char’s Zaku, Zaku Production Model, Gundam Shield and the Emblem of Zion. The jackets are said to be compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It is said that pre-orders will end once the allotted amount of time has been reached. The jackets will be released by February 2014. If you are a Gundam or Zaku fan and you have an iPhone then better get ready for battle with this brand new line of protective cases. These Gundam-themed silicone iPhone cases are definitely an excellent way to not just protect your phone but also look incredibly awesome. After all, not everyone will be able to have it so why not flaunt it? They aren’t called 3D for nothing as the silicone case sticks out far and it is even intricately sculpted. Definitely not something that you can buy just anywhere. It is just sad that you won’t be able to receive this gift on Christmas Day as they will only be released next year but either way, it is not a bad late Christmas present. If you are a Gundam and Zaku fan then what have you got to lose? After all, it won’t be every day that Bandai will offer something like this. Why not take the chance and grab it while the offer stands? If you don’t then you might just die of jealousy. Unlike the previous Gundam-themed smartphone cases, this set is more like a limited edition as they are embossed due to the whole 3D effect. The previous ones that are being sold in the market are those that are flat with various Gundam and Zaku designs and are also light weight and thin. This year’s pre-orders won’t be anything like that. To all those who are wondering which is better then that is hard to know as of the moment. Comparing the brand new 3D casing to its predecessor might not be possible not as the products will only be released next year. However, it is safe to assume that the 3D version look more appealing than before and knowing that they are silicone then surely, they can take a hit. Hopefully, once the whole hype about them is done, more people will be able to say which one is better and which one isn’t. Although I am not a Gundam and Zaku fan, I do know a lot of people who are. This is why after sharing them, I am sure there will be a lot of people who will visiting the official Bandai page, hoping that they would be able to avail one. Will it be worth it? I don’t know. You just have to buy one and tell me yourself. After all, I never said the product was perfect. All I ever said was that it could be a good thing to have especially for Gundam and Zaku fans out there.



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I first encountered this today as I was looking at some new anime-related news. Because I used to watch Hajime No Ippo – Seasons 1 and 2, I knew I had to find out if this was a fact or a bluff. After careful researching, I found out that the rumor is not a baseless one and rather the real deal. If you all recall, Hajime No Ippo had two seasons, a TV film including an OVA. The first season was called Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting! While the second one was called Hajime No Ippo: New Challenger. The third season’s official title is going to be Hajime No Ippo: Rising. The third season will start airing this month or the next. The boxing anime is based on the long-running manga made by George Morikawa. Surely, boxing fans and anime fans are looking forward to this news and are even wondering what changes will take place upon the characters especially upon the lead character, Ippo Makunochi. Although I am not a huge fan of the sport, boxing, itself, I ended up liking this anime because it somehow shows a lot about boxing and for people who would like to understand the sport and have no idea about it, the anime provides some really good information about the said sport.

If I remember correctly, each character from the anime have their own little back stories. All of them have their own demons to fight and own struggles to face. Whether it be inside the ring or out, the anime covers most of them. Many fans are excited to see this season, knowing that season 2 ended airing last June 2009. It has been a long time since then. The anime is known also for their good soundtrack and of course, intense fights inside the ring. Although it would be hard to recall what happened in the past, it would be advisable that those interested to see Hajime No Ippo’s season 3 to watch everything from the beginning. This will in fact jog one’s memory of what we should expect from the new season. Although there hasn’t been a lot of news yet as to how season 3 would be like, many fans should be pleased to see the first official release of the characters’ photographs.

Some fans assume from the official photographs that the new season will cover all the way up to the fight between Takamura and David Eagle, the former WBC middleweight champion and gold medalist. It would also include the fight between Ippo and Sawamura and perhaps more. Despite the fact that the rumors about season 3 are real, nobody knows yet as to how many episodes this season will actually last. Many fans are getting even more excited because most of them think that the Ippo against Sawamura fight is one of the best so far. As of the moment, although there is no clarity yet on many aspects, it would be best to still rejoice. For it is not everyday that the anime that we love get to have additional seasons. Who knew Hajime No Ippo would end up having another one after so many years? Kudos to George Morikawa and everyone else for making this happen. I can’t wait to see the first episode after so long. I hope it will be as good as the other two seasons.

Photo credits to: http://www.crunchyroll.co.uk/anime-news/2013/09/15-1/hajime-no-ippo-rising-anime-cast-and-scheduling-updates

Photo credits to: http://www.crunchyroll.co.uk/anime-news/2013/09/15-1/hajime-no-ippo-rising-anime-cast-and-scheduling-updates


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I have never been a fan of plastic surgery. No matter how many times other people defend the whole thing, I just can’t see myself ever getting one. Unfortunately, most, if not all women are insecure about their physical attributes. This is why plastic surgery is actually a blessing to many. But once over done can become a curse as well. I have featured countless of odd topics about women trying to look like anime characters through both make up and plastic surgery. Sadly, I would never understand them as I have never wanted to be like them. For me, plastic surgery is a painful way to change one’s self. Although most plastic surgeons promise good results in the end, I don’t think I would ever consider going under the knife especially knowing that there might be side effects in the end. This is why when I heard about a simple alternative to plastic surgery, I could not believe it. I had to laugh eventually when I found out what it was. One of the latest trends in China at the moment is the Uniface Anime Style Mask. No need to worry about make up or even getting a plastic surgery. You won’t be needing it. Now you can save a lot of time by simply using this latest invention by a Chinese designer named Zhuoying Li.

The Uniface Mask has huge anime like eyes, long eyelashes, a high nose bridge, a narrow chin and cheeks. All of them are coveted facial features that many women would like to have. They are all available in one simple package so what more can anyone ask for? The mask is actually a product of bionic skin technology which makes the skin of the mask look very human like. It is extremely thin and is actually breathable through its pores. It comes with a cell-blending glue which seamlessly binds it to the skin of the human who wears it. To those who will wear the Uniface Mask, it is said that it so light that you wouldn’t realize that you are wearing one. Most people who wear other masks have a problem because of the unchanging facial expressions as well as the difficulty to speak. Luckily, the Uniface Mask makes it easy to speak and the wearer can also make different facial expressions. In fact, it is said to be so comfortable that the wearer can also sleep with it on without worrying about it the next day. Although this idea sounds absurd, there are actually some women who have been willing to try the brand out. Honestly, if I would just be testing it, I don’t see anything wrong with that. However, if I would have to wear it forever then I would probably pass. I don’t think I can ever be comfortable with it despite all the things that they have said about the product.

According to the company that made the Uniface Mask, once it has been applied then it stays on and actually becomes your everyday face. It is not advisable to have the mask removed by one’s self as the glue is said to adhere to human skin which is why it can only be removed at professional clinics by the Uniface experts. If you feel discomfort or no longer want to use the mask after your first month of purchasing it then the removal can be free of charge. Once that trial period is over then all customers who have purchased the Uniface Mask must pay a removal fee of $59. Each Uniface Mask costs around $399. At the moment, the product only has limited face models however, the company promised to create more innovations soon. Beauty truly comes with a price these days. It does not matter if you will get a plastic surgery or buy new make up. You still need money for all that. The Uniface Anime Style Mask might be simpler but its price is not exactly as cheap as you think.

I am a woman too and know how it feels when you don’t feel beautiful enough. However, whatever we have has been given to us by God and I don’t think we should alter ourselves to suit our liking. As it was said, we are God’s creations, his masterpieces. All of us are unique in our own little ways. Just imagine if all of us ended up having plastic surgery then what would happen to that? It does not matter if you look like an anime character or not. What matters most is that you should accept what you have and learn to be happy with it. But kudos to its creator for being creative. Props for that.

Photo credits to: http://www.odditycentral.com/funny/the-uniface-mask-a-simple-alternative-to-makeup-and-plastic-surgery.html

Photo credits to: http://www.odditycentral.com/funny/the-uniface-mask-a-simple-alternative-to-makeup-and-plastic-surgery.html


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I am not really very fashionable although I try to be at times. In the latest fashion news, I heard that there is a new Japanese trend that incorporates fashion and anime in one. It is called anime inspired Japanese nail art or itanail. Have you heard about it? I guess not. I first heard about it when I read it in an article online and then I saw a lot of pictures and fell in love with it. I am really itching to get one done but unfortunately, I am not sure if anime inspired Japanese nail art can be done here in the Philippines. Ita actually means pain. It is used to describe something with an anime or manga design which is so bright and out-there that is becomes painful to the eyes. An itanail basically describes nails that are all painted in different anime designs and characters and according to a recent online survey, itanail is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Many people who work in nail salons say that itanail orders have increased because regular women want to copy celebrities who get them done. Apart from that, the number of customers wanting only a few itanails done instead of a full set has also increased. With the new itanail craze, even people who have never gone to a nail salon before are becoming more and more interested in getting their nails done. Believe it or not, there are even itanail specialist shops that can be found in Akihabara which is a famous place for all things manga and anime. Even people around the world are also warming up to the latest Japanese trend. They share twitter and facebook photos from Japan and appreciate itanail by expressing how cute they are. In fact, even the famous singer, Katy Perry had her nails done on her recent visit to Japan. She opted to get some Daria nails which she later shared to her fans as she gushed about them like a true professional itanail enthusiast.

Personally, I think that this itanail trend is not just cute but also very ingenious. However, I bet it is also a bit expensive to get done and also a bit difficult to get. I am not a fan of mainstreaming but this is a trend that I would really love to follow. I love getting nail art and so far, I haven’t asked to get anything similar to an itanail yet. But if given the chance, I would love to get one. I just don’t know if it is already a trend here in the Philippines. But since there are also many otakus here and many Japanese culture enthusiasts, maybe, just maybe, the trend has already hit the country without me knowing it. Whether the trend is for everyone, I guess we will just have to wait and see. If in Japan, it worked for everyone, I don’t know if it will in other countries. Maybe the new trend has its age limit as I don’t see older people ever participating in the said itanail trend. But whether we like it or not, the itanail trend is a hot commodity these days and it is something that I would really love to try on my nails even if it is just once.

A collection of photos of itanail done in Japan. Even Katy Perry's Daria nails is included in this photo collage.

A collection of photos of itanail done in Japan. Even Katy Perry’s Daria nails is included in this photo collage.


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There have been recent reports about a growing trend in Japan regarding women’s teeth. The trend is called “YAEBA” which is also known as double tooth. Although I have seen many pictures of women replacing their beautiful, aligned, white teeth with crooked ones, I just do not understand the concept of it. Based on what I heard women can actually go to dental salons to have the procedure done. The actual sought after treatment can be done at a dental salon called Dental Salon Plaisir in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood. The said procedure costs roughly around $390. I don’t think I would like to pay a whopping amount just for the said altercation. The goal is to look more child like as it replicates the odd alignment of newly developed teeth. This is not the first time such a trend surfaced in Japan. As the trend continues to repeat itself. I first heard of this trend a year ago and now, it is back once more.

When asked why many women would be willing to have the procedure done on their teeth, here are their answers. First of all, they say that the Yaeba makes them look younger and more approachable. Another reason is that there are many men who find women with Yaeba desirable. Whether or not all their reasons are true remains to be seen. I tried to imagine myself with crooked teeth and somehow I didn’t like the idea. Although the look is trendy, I am sure that not everyone can pull it off. To this day, many women are still fascinated by this cosmetic trend but is it for everyone? In my opinion, it isn’t. However, whatever you decide to do with your appearance is a concern that only you should care about. If women believe that the Yaeba look would make their love lives better then nobody has the right to say that they shouldn’t go for it. Do have it done on your teeth or not is a matter of choice. It is a choice that you must stick with no matter what.

Luckily, this procedure isn’t exactly permanent. Your teeth can be altered with the use of artificial ones applied to your real teeth using a non-permanent glue. This way if you ever feel like you don’t like the Yaeba look anymore then you can have the artificial teeth removed. However, I have heard that there might be dental implications to this growing trend. So, before you ever decide in getting your teeth done, do your research and think about it first. Anyway, since the procedure doesn’t come cheap, I think that is another reason why you should reconsider having it done on your teeth. Would you pay to have crooked teeth? Well, I know I won’t however, this Japanese fad has been winning the hearts of millions in Japan. Whether or not you should have crooked teeth, you decide. Imperfections have been a part of all of us to make us unique and to set us apart from everyone else but I don’t think putting it to the extreme just to exaggerate our imperfections can make us look better than others. In my opinion, natural beauty will always be the best but there is no harm in trying a new fad every now and then.