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Just recently I read about a story regarding a woman in China who wants to look like a real life anime character. Although she knows that anime characters are fictional, that fact that did not stop her from getting what she wanted. Meet KOKO, a Chinese girl who likes anime and judging by her photos, it seems she might like anime a little bit too much. She has a face like that of a shoujo manga character which has been attracting a lot of attention online. She has uploaded countless of photographs and videos of herself wherein she showed off not just her large anime-like eyes but as well as the odd shape of her face and her thin body. She looked fragile and definitely out of this world. Although her appearance has received mixed reviews among many people, she continues to flaunt them both online and offline. When other people were asked about what they thought about her appearance, some were shocked, others were horrified, a few stupefied and others couldn’t care less.

So, how does she achieve her anime-esque features? Simple. She uses make-up to make her eyes look bigger. She has a naturally long, slender nose and long hair which covers both sides of her face. With the said features, she can maintain her appearance. In my opinion, this is KOKO’s life and therefore we have no right to judge her based on how she looks. We do not know her to begin with. But then again, if I am going to be honest, I am not pleased at all with how she takes this. I believe she is taking her love for anime to the extreme. I think she is tragically misguided on her sense of beauty and that she should instead focus on becoming healthier and less anime-looking. Unfortunately, it seems that KOKO might no longer be the only Chinese female who have anime-like looks.

Enter Dina Leopard. Dina is known for her slender and pointed chin which is very reminiscent of KOKO’s. She recently upload photos on her Chinese blog (http://www.weibo.com/311040888#1328082678099) which was soon under attack because her very unusual and unnatural looks. Many have expressed their displease and horror upon seeing her photographs but all the attention has just made her more popular especially among netizens. It is hard to say why such a trend is becoming more and more popular in China but this new trend is certainly not something that every woman should follow. Personally, I would never want to look like this. Even if I am an otaku and I sometimes want to be the anime, manga and gaming characters that I really like, I would never attempt to become them. I am not that delusional.

Luckily, in the Philippines, such a trend isn’t in. Most cosplayers here who want to look like they have big eyes often resort to the usage of contact lenses and a lot of make-up which according to many of them helps. Although it takes a lot of time and effort to do it, many cosplayers are pleased with the results. When asked about the said trend in China, many of them frowned and expressed their displease and concern for the said women who started the trend. Upon conducting a survey, many men and women have said that they do not like this certain look on people despite them being otakus, cosplayers and gamers because they know for a fact that such characters are fictional. No matter how hooked they are in certain anime, manga and games, they will never forget that fact. Like me, they also do not want such a trend to start in the Philippines. I am only hoping that it never reaches us locally. For if it did, I just don’t know how such a trend will be received by everyone. It might even give a bad name for many cosplayers, otakus and gamers out there.

As for China having this kind of trend, I am hoping that it ends soon. I am hoping that these women, both KOKO and Dina would realize that this will not help them become famous in a good way and this will not guarantee that they are healthy. But then again, even bad publicity is still publicity so who am I to judge?